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An activist drag queen, Marti Cummings (they/them), tries to make history by running for New York City Council. But it’s one of the most hotly contested Council races in years, and Marti is up against 11 opponents with deep ties to their Upper Manhattan council district.

Throughout this comedic vérité documentary, Marti’s passion and positivity inspire queer activists and allies to change the political system. Their campaign becomes a community of its own, especially for Marti’s non-binary peers who have never before seen themselves represented.

And as they campaign by day and perform by night, Marti redefines their identity and learns that being a successful leader means more than winning one election.

The film features narration by superstar Billy Porter and appearances by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Broad City's Ilana Glazer, and nearly 20 NYC-based drag artists. Werk!

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Why Now

Virtually every week, far-right politicians and extremists across the U.S. take more steps to dehumanize gender-nonconforming people. Conservative lawmakers are trying to outlaw drag performance and strip away trans rights in dozens of states. Militant extremists like the Proud Boys are terrorizing Drag Queen Story Hours on a regular basis. It is heartbreaking to see people attacking queer rights at this scale — but it’s also deeply motivating.


We can’t wait to share Queen of New York with the world as an antidote to this bigotry. Our film's themes of inclusion, equality, resilience, and joy are more pressing than ever. 



"The act of drag itself is political resistance. It began as a stance against a patriarchal society."

— Marti Cummings

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